Friday, 15 April 2011

This is Jason. To be played by our friend Josh Armstrong, he is seen as the leader of the pack. He can drive, he smokes, and he has the most common sense out of a group that does not have much common sense. He is witty, good natured, but very silly, which fits with the plot.
Our comedy will be called The Sacred Art Of Stealing.

There are a group of three friends who are thieves. These three friends are not very clever, and often slip up. The first two minutes are going to show an attempted robbery of a house, that fails. The rest of the film is going to be a build up to a massive mission.

Week Two

Due to a limited budget and as we are both British at heart, we decided that our film needs to rely heavily on strength of characters. So we set ourselves thinking about what actors we could use. As small film makers, we do not have a choice of professional actors, so we had to think carefully about which of our friends are funny, which of our friends would be available, and which possible characters we could give these actors to work with. So to make things a lot easier we decided to design our characters around the actors we chose.

Week One

Today, we had a brainstorm for some films we may wish to create. Our peers all seem to be creating a mysterious thriller type film, which are fun to film and interesting to watch. However, due to the creativity of the Baaron  Brothers (the name we have given our mini production company), we felt a different approach was needed, to give the examiners a little break from watching all these similar films. We decided to make a comedy.